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Black Helmet Productions was founded with the goal of bringing little known struggles for justice to a broader public, with the hope of not only delivering new information to global audiences, but also of encouraging people to take concrete action to create a better world.

Founded in 2007 by Jason Kirkpatrick and Sigrid Oberer, BHP’s first project was documenting social movements in Southeast Asia, which resulted in the ACTION IN ASIA dvd project. Covering themes such as gentrification, anti-militarist movements, and other grassroots campaigns, Action in Asia films have now had showings in over 15 countries. Production on Action in Asia II is underway, and a number of other documentaries have also been produced in Berlin in the meantime.

Inspired by the recent spate of outed Undercover Police across Europe, such as the case of Mark Kennedy in the UK, BHP has begun work on a major documentary to be released in 2012. Featuring a number of activists closest to those undercover officers who had deceived them, the documentary hopes to explain the perspectives, goals and passions of these individuals, as well as interviews with academics and others confronted with dealing with state intrusion into the private sphere. As lawsuits now begin to be filed by activists in various countries against an all-too-powerful state, this documentary plans to be as current as ever upon release.



will be launched  in January 2012

Black Helmet Production

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Concept statement

Digital lie:
these are the shadows cast by the clear, gossamer-like film of a virtual life wrapping itself ever-closer around the world. It is a response to this new suffocation and all its paranoia, pretending, its pretty pictures, its problems. It's about capturing a charade that has gone systemic, a game gone operational, a dimension lost to the digital.

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By the way is this the right kind of length or were you looking for more? This is a variation...

For the discerning client, who appreciates its not just about the pixels but also the space between, Digital Lie understands that sometimes we can leave room for imagination rather than cluttering every corner.
We take our inspiration from around the world. Nature plays its part. We like the senses to be ....captivated.


They call me Ramtin Zanjani, born in 1979 in Tehran, Iran. I started in the fields of advertising and industrial photography in 1998, moving on to documentaries, fine arts and architecture photography, finally graduating with a BFA (applied art) from the University of Pune, India.

I am now based in Berlin, a city that allows me to bring everything together under one cohesive structure that can house and express my work with no restriction.
Art direction is the idea and force. Applied art is the means. Photography and print.

I am influenced-equally-by music, poetry and words. Stripping things down, removing the coating. It didn't happen straight away. It was a long journey. A process of reducing things to their essential aspects. Lines, colours, forms and rhythms-the very basics of the visual matters.

Digital lie shows my work as an evolving process of my mind. An overview of both commercial and personal. Snapshots and studies. There is no compromise in what I do. It is a one off, limited edition.

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